Krouvi Dance Pavilion 

Krouvi  is a perfect place to have fun together in a rustic setting  Do come and visit us if you wish to have a good time!  Welcome to feel the beat at Krouvi. Enjoy yourself, dance and have a good time in picturesque rural surroundings. See 2020 dates and artists here.


Krouvi  Camping  is located on the Kivioja Farm, amidst lush green fields, in the beautiful rural municipality of Hartola. You are welcome to stay overnight or longer if you feel like it. 

Krouvi is a tavern for the whole family. Take a leisurely sauna bath and splash around in the Krouvi Spring, a small lake. Relax, enjoy and socialize with the others. 

On summer Fridays – at Midsummer on Midsummer Day – Krouvi Dance Pavilion proudly presents the best Finnish dance bands that set the pace for dancing adults. No more sulking at home, let Krouvi entertain you until the wee hours of the night. In the Sahti-Tavern you’ll also find a fully licensed Brewery-Restaurant. In the country tavern you can have a sip of the local beer called sahti. Sahti is a traditional Finnish ale. On request we also serve group luncheons and dinners as well as take you on a guided brewery tour. 

At Krouvi happiness is made of simple joys. They do not require miracles, tricks or winning the lottery.  Joy is born out of little things, events and decisions. The decision to head for Krouvi is a starting point for a lovely holiday, it puts an end to the moping and sulking.  


Quality artists and the joy of dancing!

At Krouvi happiness is made of simple joys. They do not require miracles, tricks or winning the lottery.  The decision to head for Krouvi puts an end to the moping and sulking at home.  Summer Fridays at the widely renowned dance pavilion mean quality artists and the joy of dancing. 

Take in the summer scenery while dancing the night away. See Krouvi Spring glittering in the midnight sun. Chew a hay straw. Wander around the spacious, nearly 600-sqm dance pavilion and feel the beat. Notice and be noticed. The top musicians and stars and charming company keep you entertained. Krouvi – boldly unique. 


You are welcome to stay overnight and wake up to a new glorious morning in our fully converted barn.  And there’s nothing to stop you from staying even longer if you feel like it – Krouvi Camping is open. 

See the dates and bands here. Changes possible.


Age limit 18 years. Fully licensed restaurant and Sahti-beer from our own brewery. Entrance fee 18 € unless otherwise stated. Dancing starts at 8 pm. We reserve the right to change the programme, prices as well as general conditions without prior notice. 



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Including accommodation, breakfast, entrance ticket (value 18 €), sauna in the evening and in the morning, swimming: 

  • In a double room 55 €/person, single room supplement 20 €, including bed linen. 

  • In a barn 42 €/person, single supplement 15 €, bedlinen not included. 

  • Dance package for caravanners: 2 € discount on entrance ticket, evening and morning sauna included. 


Dance Pavilion info

Age limit 18 years. Please verify your age if asked.  

Fully licensed restaurant and Sahti-beer from our own brewery.

Entrance fee 18 € unless otherwise stated.

Dance starts at 8 pm.

Krouvi reserves the right to change programme, prices as well as general conditions without prior notice.

Camping and accommodation 


Krouvi Camping is boldly different. 

We at Krouvi think that enjoyment is a medicine born out of quality free time.  The recipe is simple but yet fine: a suitable mixture of rural tranquility and hilarious entertainment! The Krouvi way of life, dances and the cosy Brewery-Restaurant, have been popular for a long time. On summer Fridays people from near and far have headed for Krouvi to dance and relax in the Sahti-Tavern. 

A lot of dancers have caravans or camper vans – hence the idea of providing them with what they needed:  Krouvi Camping.  The gates to a unique entertainment experience were opened. 

Caravanners who like dancing – Krouvi Camping is for you! 


Krouvi Camping is waiting for you – you are invited to have fun and enjoy your stay at the Krouvi Camping! 



  • Camper van, motor home, caravan 14 €/pitch/night  (a 2 € discount with SF-Caravan membership card) plus 4 €/person/night 

  • Tent pitch 10 €/night plus 4 €/person/night (children under 15 yrs 2 €) including sauna Friday evenings and Saturday mornings 

  • Electricity 5 €/night 

  • Barn accommodation 26 €/person/night including breakfast (see also our dance packages)

  • Room 39 €/person/night including breakfast (see also our dance packages)

  • Public sauna 5 €/person (separate saunas for men and women) 

  • Private family sauna 25 €/50 minutes (max. 6 persons, additional persons 5 €/each) 

  • Nice saunas always at your disposal! 


Also seasonal pitches, please contact us for rates.



Mid May  –  end of September. On request open for groups also off-season in connection with catering services. Sf-Caravan card and Camping card discounts 2 €/night, 10 €/weekly rate. 



Krouvi Camping features these facilities among other things. By signing up for our  e-mail newsletter you’ll be the first to hear the latest news. 

  • Location along Highway number 4, in the middle of the best tourism region

  • Barn accommodation

  • Camping site with 130 pitches for camper vans, motor homes and caravans, most of the pitches with electricity, part of them with greywater system

  • Seasonal, weekly and daily pitches with charming views! Book your own pitch now

  • Pitches for 21 tents

  • Krouvi Dance Pavilion: superb entertainment on summer Fridays. A wide variety of things to do! 

  • Krouvi Brewery-Restaurant, catering on request

  • New service building with separate saunas for men and women – always at your disposal. Private quality showers, kitchens, lounge area, laundry room

  • Buildings in the area are heated with renewable bioenergy

  • Krouvi Spring invites you to take a dip and do watersports. Ideal beach for children

  • Barbecue area

  • Great paths for hiking and jogging

  • Paddle route to the River Tainionvirta, a trout fishing paradise



In the beginning there was the farm and the brewery. As the brewery became more and more popular, farming gave way to sahti-making.  Soon thirsty people started asking for a pint of the house sahti. 


After careful consideration the landlord said yes – and a cosy brewery-restaurant was opened to serve the thirsty and the hungry.  

Outside of the dancing season the brewery-restaurant is only open on demand.


Tavern – open on demand


Late summer’s breeze sweeps over the fields. There is a lingering scent of smoke around the sauna. The door creaks open, there’s laughter and chatter in the air and the inviting music from inside welcomes the latecomers bathing in the evening sun. It is a typical Saturday at Krouvi.  Krouvi Tavern is doing its best to offer the guests an unforgettable experience. 

Throughout its history Krouvi has been renowned as a restaurant open on demand. Many easygoing and relaxed functions have been organized here. Krouvi is a perfect venue for various functions such as weddings, family gatherings, summer celebrations, Christmas parties, courses and many others.  

The traditional pub is easily converted into a spacious function room with long tables and a vast dance floor. Whether a company function, a community gathering or a private party, at Krouvi everything runs smoothly as agreed.  



Fancy a cup of anthropology?  

Little did a humble crofter’s wife know hundreds of years ago what kind of role her sahti-beer would play in the eyes of the beer-enthusiasts all over the world! A lot of things are different now but there has been no reason to meddle with the art of sahti-making. 

“If the author Michael Jackson drinks sahti at his 60th birthday party in Washington, there has to be something unique in this ethnic-traditional  drink”, says beer writer Unto Tikkanen in his book “Viinin ja oluiden lähteillä” (The origins of wine and beer). 

In an interview published by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Michael Jackson continues:  “The taste of sahti is incredibly versatile and palatable. Furthermore, in my opinion sahti is the missing link between Mesopotamia and modern times when it comes to sahti-making. In a way sahti is a glass of anthropology”, meaning that sahti is the most original of all beers.  

Those were the thoughts of the late Michael Jackson, the most appreciated beer connoisseur, who placed his favourite drink sahti on the map. Sahti was later granted the Traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG)-label by the European Union. 

The actual heart of Krouvi is the brewery – a source of pride for all of us. The brewer-proprietor aimed not merely for excellence but for a perfect sahti. The extremely precise and accurate process of sahti-making guarantees its good taste. Fulfilling this noble aim means a drinking experience like no other, the irresistible quality of unfiltered top-fermented beer.  Traditions are being cherished every step of the way and the undeniable character is generated through old craftsmanship, under the watchful eye of the Brewery Master. 

The full-bodied sahti is served at our restaurant but it is also available in the form of wort (vierre) to be fermented and drunk at home. Fermenting is not rocket science and our staff are happy to instruct you.  

Our sahti is made with love! 

Basic information on sahti: 

  • Reddish brown, cloudy, fresh and malty, slightly caramelized  

  • Wort  gravity 23.5%  

  • Alcohol content 9.5 ABV, pH 4.5 


Contact information


Kalhontie 459 

FI-19630 Hartola, Finland 

mobile +358 400 497 768 



Restaurant open during the dancing season in May-September:

on Fridays 2 pm - 2 am (dance 8 pm -1.30 am) 

on Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm 

otherwise open on demand 

Camping is open every day during the dancing season. 

Driving instructions

Check the map at the bottom of the page to search for routes.



Take E75 towards Jyväskylä. Turn left to Sysmä/Nuoramoinen (road number 410), drive 1.9 km. Turn right to Kalho (Kalhonkyläntie), drive 1.2 km. Turn left to Savioja (Saviojantie), drive 2.2 km.  Turn right (Kalhonkyläntie). 



Take road number 410 towards Heinola, drive 15 km. Turn left to Kalho (Kalhonkyläntie), drive 1.2 km. Turn left to Savioja (Saviojantie), drive 2.2 km.  Turn right (Kalhonkyläntie). 



Take E75 towards Heinola, drive 100 km.  Turn right to Kalho (Kalhonkyläntie), drive 4 km. Turn right to Savioja (Saviojantie), drive 2.2 km. Turn right (Kalhonkyläntie). 



Krouvi buses


On most dance evenings Krouvi buses are available from Joutsa, Hartola, Lahti and Heinola:


8 pm Joutsa bus station

8:30 pm Hartola Wanha matkis

Pick up from Linna Hotelli, if ordered

Koskenniemi road cross E75

Stops along the way.

Return leaves around 1:30 am, same route backwards.

Bus and dance pavilion ticket 26 € (when dance pavilion ticket is normal 18 €)

Pricing of the bus drive only given in the bus.

Joutsa–Hartola -transportation driven by Samuli Haarasilta,



8 pm departure from Sysmä bus station

8:05 pm Sysmän Camping

Driving via Kalho village way, stops along the way.

Bus is free for Camping Sysmä visitors, for others 5 € / person

Sysmä–Krouvi -transportation driven by Järvisen Liikenne Oy,


We are located in the village of Kalho in Hartola. 

Distances to other locations: 

  • Helsinki 160 km 

  • Lahti 70 km 

  • Jyväskylä 120 km 

  • Hartola and Sysmä 15 km 


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Dance Pavilion info

Age limit 18 years. Please verify your age if asked.  

Fully licensed restaurant and Sahti-beer from our own brewery. Entrance fee 17 € unless otherwise stated. Dance starts at 8 pm. Krouvi reserves the right to change programme, prices as well as general conditions without prior notice. 


Email us!

0400 497 768


Ikäraja 18 vuotta. Varaudu todistamaan ikäsi.

A-oikeudet ja Krouvin Panimon omaa Sahtia.

Tanssilipun hinta 18 €, ellei toisin mainita.


Tanssilipun ja tanssikurssin hinta 26 €, ellei toisin mainita. Tanssikoulun opetettavat tanssit  näet tanssiohjelmasta. Opettajina Juhani Tahvanainen 0400 819 997 (Tanssikoulu Wanha Maestro) tai Juhani Mykrä, tanssikurssit tanssi-iltoina klo 18.30–19.45.

Tanssit alkavat klo 20. Naistehaku klo 23–24, muulloin sekahaku.


Oikeus muutoksiin ohjelmassa ja lipun hinnoissa,

sekä ehdoissa pidätetään.

KROUVIN Camping | Lava | Sahti

Kalhontie 459, 19630 Hartola
Puhelin 0400 497 768



ti, ke, to  14–18

pe 14-02 (tanssit 20–1.30)

la 9–14, muulloin tilauksesta
Camping avoinna tanssikaudella

touko–syyskuussa joka päivä.



Sis. majoitus, aamupala, ohjelmalippu (arvo 18 €),

ilta- ja aamusauna sekä uinti:
Huoneessa 55 e / hlö, huone yhdelle + 20 e,

sisältää liinavaatteet.
Aitassa 42 e / hlö, aitta yhdelle + 15 e,

ei sisällä liinavaatteita.


2 € alennus tanssilipusta, sisältää ilta- ja aamusaunan.