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Krouvi  is a perfect place to have fun together in a rustic setting  Do come and visit us if you wish to have a good time!  Welcome to feel the beat at Krouvi. Enjoy yourself, dance and have a good time in picturesque rural surroundings. See 2021 dates and artists here.


Krouvi  Camping  is located on the Kivioja Farm, amidst lush green fields, in the beautiful rural municipality of Hartola. You are welcome to stay overnight or longer if you feel like it. 

Krouvi is a tavern for the whole family. Take a leisurely sauna bath and splash around in the Krouvi Spring, a small lake. Relax, enjoy and socialize with the others. 

On summer Fridays – at Midsummer on Midsummer Day – Krouvi Dance Pavilion proudly presents the best Finnish dance bands that set the pace for dancing adults. No more sulking at home, let Krouvi entertain you until the wee hours of the night. In the Sahti-Tavern you’ll also find a fully licensed Brewery-Restaurant. In the country tavern you can have a sip of the local beer called sahti. Sahti is a traditional Finnish ale. On request we also serve group luncheons and dinners as well as take you on a guided brewery tour. 

At Krouvi happiness is made of simple joys. They do not require miracles, tricks or winning the lottery.  Joy is born out of little things, events and decisions. The decision to head for Krouvi is a starting point for a lovely holiday, it puts an end to the moping and sulking.  

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