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Accommodation reservations  by SMS to 0400 49 77 68 – thank you!
We confirm your reservation, after which it is valid.
Motorhome drivers, campers and tent accomodation do not need reservations. You can arrive around the clock even if the respa is closed.

Boldly different Krouvin Camping


According to the people of Krouvi, Nautinto is a medicine that comes from quality free time. The recipe is wonderfully simple: a suitable mixture of undisturbed peace in the countryside and exhilarating entertainment!


The Krouvi way of life has been known for a long time for its dance entertainment and cozy brewery restaurant. On summer Fridays, people have flocked to Suuren Krouvi's evening parties from faraway corners of the country.


Since there are a lot of dancing people in the caravans, the Krouvi people responded to the demand in the way they know best. This is how Krouvin Camping was born, which opened its gates to offer a different kind of camping pleasure.


Caravanners who like to dance - Krouvi campsite is for you.

Welcome to celebrate and have fun at our new rugged campsite!




  • Motorhome or camper pitch €15/place/day + €4/person/day (€2 discount with the Caravan card)

  • Tent pitch €10/day + €4/person/day (children under 15 €2) Includes sauna on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

  • Light electricity 6 amperes €7/day, seasonal residents €0.45/kwh

  • Accommodation in a shed €27/person/day (incl. breakfast)

  • Room 56–66 €/person/day (breakfast included)

  • General sauna shift €5/person (separate saunas for females and males)

  • Family sauna €25 / 50 min. (max. 6 pers. additional persons €5). Really good saunas are always ready!

    Also seasonal places, ask for the price (depending on the place). CAMPING SEASON May–September. By order for groups in the off-season (in connection with on-demand restaurant services). With the SF-Caravan and Camping Card, a €2 discount on the daily price  or €10 on the weekly price.



Krouvin Camping is boldly different


Among other things, this is the Krouvi campsite.  By joining our mailing list on the front page, you will be the first to hear about new winds!


  • The location is along the square, in the middle of the best tourist area

  • Barn accommodation

  • The camping area's 130 motorhome or camper pitches, most of them electrified, some with gray water drainage

  • Seasonal, weekly and daily pitches. With the most charming views! Reserve yours.

  • 21 tent pitches

  • Krouvin Lava's dance nights, amazing entertainment for adults on every summer Friday. There's plenty to do here! 

  • Krouvi's brewery restaurant, also open on demand

  • A new and high-quality maintenance building, with separate women's and men's saunas ready immediately. Private and high-quality shower facilities, kitchens, barbecue shelter, lounge, laundry and drying facilities. 

  • The buildings in the area are heated with renewable bio-energy!

  • Krouvi's Lähde (reservoir) offers an opportunity for swimming and hobbies. An ideal children's beach!

  • Campfire places and grill shelter

  • Great outdoor terrains

  • By paddling, you can get from the lake to, for example, the fishy Tainionvirtra


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