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In the beginning there was the farm and the brewery. As the brewery became more and more popular, farming gave way to sahti-making.  Soon thirsty people started asking for a pint of the house sahti. 


After careful consideration the landlord said yes – and a cosy brewery-restaurant was opened to serve the thirsty and the hungry.  


Outside of the dancing season the brewery-restaurant is only open on demand.



Tavern – open on demand


Late summer’s breeze sweeps over the fields. There is a lingering scent of smoke around the sauna. The door creaks open, there’s laughter and chatter in the air and the inviting music from inside welcomes the latecomers bathing in the evening sun. It is a typical Saturday at Krouvi.  Krouvi Tavern is doing its best to offer the guests an unforgettable experience. 

Throughout its history Krouvi has been renowned as a restaurant open on demand. Many easygoing and relaxed functions have been organized here. Krouvi is a perfect venue for various functions such as weddings, family gatherings, summer celebrations, Christmas parties, courses and many others.  

The traditional pub is easily converted into a spacious function room with long tables and a vast dance floor. Whether a company function, a community gathering or a private party, at Krouvi everything runs smoothly as agreed.  


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